Dental Restorations
(Dental Treatment)

A cavity is bacteria that forms from acid on the surface and causes tooth decay. The decay needs to be removed from the toothand replaced with a filling. At Prime Smile, we use amalgam (silver) and resin (white) fillings, depending on the severity of the decay. If a cavity is too large to cover with a filling on the tooth, it may require a crown. Prime Smile has different options for dental crowns, depending on the location of the decay in the mouth. For cavities on the back teeth, we place silver crowns, or caps whereas on the front teeth we place resin, or tooth colored crowns. In primary, or baby teeth, it is common to have them extracted, when medically necessary. In some situations, the tooth is not restorable, which means neither a filling nor a crown will help remove the cavity safely. Sometimes a cavity gets too large and causes and infection of the tooth.

The tooth needs to be extracted to prevent infection spreading to the entire mouth, and the rest of the body. Lastly, a primary tooth remains in the mouth too long, and the permanent tooth starts to erupt in the same location. The primary tooth may need to be extracted in order for the permanent tooth to fully erupt. Prime Smile staff will also screen for third molar impaction, or wisdom teeth, which we refer to a specialist for further evaluation and possible extraction. With all of our restorations, Prime Smile offers Nitrous Oxide for patient comfort. Nitrous oxide is a safe sedative that is commonly used in the dental field. The patient breathes in the Nitrous Oxide and is still conscious for the entire procedure. This helps the patient relax and ensures the safety of both the patient and the staff while treatment is completed.

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Just 40% of children in poor or near-poor poverty level had a preventive dental visit in the past year.

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